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US-agricultural-representatives-300x194Agriculture officials in Alabama have lobbied to turn Cuba into a market for the state’s poultry products for years, but President Donald Trump’s recent policy change with the island jeopardizes that opening.

Alabama Agriculture Commissioner John McMillan said exports to Cuba, which receives millions of tons of poultry every month from the state, could be impacted by the president’s restrictive policy change.

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Roger-Marshall-240x300Republican Representative Roger Marshall of Kansas released an op-ed in The High Plains Journal reflecting on his recent three-day trip to Cuba with a congressional delegation that included representatives James Comer of Kentucky, Jack Bergman of Michigan, and Jason Lewis and Tom Emmer of Minnesota.

Marshall was pleased with the visit and talked about how the U.S.’s current policy of isolation has failed in Cuba. He said the 50-year-old embargo only serves to generate animosity toward the U.S. and to “arbitrarily limit” U.S. citizens chances to engage with Cubans.

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