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la-cuba-20170112-300x169Last Wednesday, the Trump administration announced new restrictions on American travel and trade with Cuba, finally implementing the changes promised months ago when President Trump said that he would reverse Obama-era policies that were meant to improve the relationship between the US and Cuba.

The announcement by the White House comes after diplomatic relations between the two nations have hit a low point in the wake of the United States’ decision to withdraw a majority of its diplomats from Cuba and expel Cuban diplomats from the US in turn.

Continue reading in Cuba are in limbo as the Castro government decides how much to loosen its firm grip on private enterprise. The private sector has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, with private employment rising from 140,000 in 2009 to 535,000 in 2016.

At the same time, Cubans working for the state at a rate of $25 or less per month have been flocking to slightly more lucrative private sector jobs, such as waiting tables and driving taxis. Those are not exactly the types of jobs that young, ambitious Cubans are thrilled to take, but unskilled jobs aren’t the only ones opening up. As Cuba finds its way, opportunities for professionals come and go. Continue reading

downloadThe 1st Convention on Commerce, Cuba-2017,  ( I Convención de Comercio, Cuba 2017) wraps today in Havana, marking the first convention of its kind to take place on the island. The convention occurred less than a year after relations between the United States and Cuba thawed.

The convention, which is taking place at the Havana International Convention Center, bears the slogan “Challenges and Trends of Sustainable Commerce.” It attracted attendees from 10 different countries.

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US-Cuba-Kerry-300x22916 retired senior military officials have signed a letter asking President Donald Trump to continue normalizing relations with Cuba for the sake of U.S. stability and national security in the region.

“The location of Cuba in the Caribbean and proximity to the US make it a natural and strategically valuable partner on issues of immediate concern, including terrorism, border control, drug interdiction, environmental protections, and emergency preparedness,” the retired officers stated in a letter to National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. McMaster that was made public last week.

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