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cubavisit-300x202Travel companies that organize trips to Cuba for American travelers have reportedly been receiving a lot of questions about President Donald Trump’s new Cuba policy and how the elimination of “people to people” tours to the island and the ban on dealings with military-controlled businesses will affect their travels.

“They say they have been interested in traveling to Cuba and they want to book right now,” Tom Popper, president of InsightCuba, told the Miami Herald. His company organizes tours and plans itineraries for groups traveling to Cuba.

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Raul-Castro-300x200Cuban President Raúl Castro first publicly criticized President Donald Trump’s Mexican wall, along with immigration, trade, and other policies, on March 5. This comes as the Trump administration reviews the fragile relations between the U.S. and Cuba that were glued together by former President Barack Obama.

Castro made the critical remarks at a summit of leftist leaders in Venezuela that was broadcast on Cuban state-run television on Sunday evening. He called Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border “irrational,” and described his trade policies as “egotistical.”

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