Articles Tagged with embassy has joined the ranks of those affected by the sonic attacks that were initially thought to have plagued just United States diplomats, adding more complexity to an already tense situation.

The Canadian capital of Ottawa acknowledged that an unspecified number of Canadians in Cuba had been affected based on the fact that a doctor had been sent by the Canadian federal government to investigate the attacks on its citizens. The new facts add a new angle to the attacks, as many speculated that whoever was responsible for the attacks had an anti-American agenda. Continue reading

acoustics-300x169As facts continue to surface about the mysterious “acoustic attacks” marring already fragile US-Cuba relations since late 2016, it is clear that the situation is not getting any less confusing.

Initially, the victims were reported to be at least 10 US diplomats and their family members, who suffered symptoms ranging from mild concussions to possibly permanent hearing loss. Now, at least five Canadian diplomats and their families living in Cuba are reported to have experienced the same symptoms.

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cuban-honor-guard-1800-ts600-300x200In the continuation of a truly bizarre and unfortunate trend, two US diplomats in Havana recently lost their hearing due to covert devices that perform “acoustic attacks”; that is, devices that play frequencies out of the range of normal hearing that can cause damage to the internal ear. One of the diplomats may never regain his hearing, and another reports that he now requires a hearing aid.

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