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Agriculture officials in Alabama have lobbied to turn Cuba into a market for the state’s poultry products for years, but President Donald Trump’s recent policy change with the island jeopardizes that opening.

Alabama Agriculture Commissioner John McMillan said exports to Cuba, which receives millions of tons of poultry every month from the state, could be impacted by the president’s restrictive policy change.

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Cuba has invited an independent United Nations human rights expert to visit the island for the first time in a decade, the U.N. said in a statement last Wednesday.

Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, U.N. special rapporteur on trafficking in persons with an emphasis on women and children, arrived in Cuba today for a five-day visit. She will be making stops in Artemisa, Matanzas, and Havana.

The Castro regime has long resisted external scrutiny of its human rights record, but a lot has changed since former U.S. President Barack Obama began secret talks with President Castro that normalized relations between the U.S. and Cuba after over 50 years of enmity. Cuba watchers who worked closely with the Obama administration during the negotiations have asked the Trump administration not to do anything drastic toward Cuba in its ongoing policy review, saying the normalized relations have improved human rights on the island.

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Antonio G. Rodiles, the leader of the Forum for Rights and Freedom, has called for the Trump administration to reset U.S.-Cuba relations.

Rodiles and his partner Ailer González told El Nuevo Herald that they want the Trump administration to “recognize that they are dealing with a dictatorship.”

Rodiles would like President Donald Trump to invite opponents of the Castro regime to become a part of the “policy design” and “political process” toward Cuba, unlike what former President Barack Obama reportedly did when he restored diplomatic ties with the island in December 2014.

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Cuban nationals bound for the U.S. who were detained in Mexican city of Tapachula claim Mexican officials became violent and abused them after they had a hunger strike on March 10 to demand their freedom.

According to news sources, the migrants, who are being held at the Siglo XXI immigrant detention center, filed a formal complaint against the National Migration Institute and the Public Security Department following a series of violent incidents at the detention center.

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