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raulo-300x169Once upon a time, Cuba accumulated billions of dollars in debt. A handful of countries worldwide lent Cuba money under the late Fidel Castro, but Cuba hasn’t paid off what it owes.

Despite restructuring some of these loans within the past 5 years, the time for Cuba to repay their debt is nigh, as a creditors group has begun to start the legal process to recover the debt. Continue reading

donny-300x169The Trump administration wants to create an “internet task force” to expand information access in Cuba, but not everyone is for the plan. Alan Gross was arrested and jailed in Cuba in the year 2009 for doing his job; he was a United States government contractor employed by USAID – the United States Agency for International Development.

Gross was held until his trial in March of 2011, when he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Released in 2014, he has been a political activist and author ever since. Now, he is speaking out against the Trump administration’s plans for Cuba. Continue reading

Cuba-Marti-Statue-300x168When it comes to US-Cuba relations, it is rare these days to see a sign that relations are improving. And it’s even rarer to see government officials from both countries sharing a positive moment together. But that’s just what happened this past Sunday during a morning sunrise in Havana, Cuba’s capital.

Raul Castro–along with his rumored successor, Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel–were present along with three US Members of Congress for the unveiling of a statue of Cuban national hero Jose Marti. The statue was sponsored and funded by the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

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tourism-300x169The Cuban tourism industry has gone through some ups and downs throughout the years. During the latter years of the Obama presidency, U.S. travelers enjoyed a great amount of leniency regarding visits to Cuba; in 2017, President Trump rolled back that leniency.

The Trump rollbacks were intended to starve the island nation’s state-run economy of U.S. tourism dollars, increasing pressure for regime change. However, the rollbacks don’t seem to be having their intended effects, as Cuba’s tourism industry continues to thrive.

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cubasolo-300x186Last Wednesday, the State Department announced that it was lowering the severity of the travel alert for Cuba. The new recommendation is that Americans “reconsider” traveling to the island nation.

The announcement comes after a nearly four-month period in which the State Department advised that Americans not travel to Cuba under any circumstances. Tensions are still running high between the two countries after the sonic attacks last September, which prompted the State Department to set the “do not travel” warning.

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la-cuba-20170112-300x169Last Wednesday, the Trump administration announced new restrictions on American travel and trade with Cuba, finally implementing the changes promised months ago when President Trump said that he would reverse Obama-era policies that were meant to improve the relationship between the US and Cuba.

The announcement by the White House comes after diplomatic relations between the two nations have hit a low point in the wake of the United States’ decision to withdraw a majority of its diplomats from Cuba and expel Cuban diplomats from the US in turn.

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Donald-Trump-300x200President Donald Trump is expected to travel to Miami this Friday to unveil his administration’s revised U.S.-Cuba policy, the Miami Herald reports.

The location of the event has not yet been announced, but Miami has long been an enclave for Cuban exiles. Unveiling the policy changes there suggests that it’ll please the hardline Cuban-Americans whose support helped Trump win the Presidential vote in Florida.

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Cruise-Ship-300x183An economic impact analysis by Engage Cuba claims that airlines and cruise lines will lose $3.5 billion and over 10,000 jobs over the course of President Trump’s first term if he undoes all the changes made to U.S.-Cuba policy by former President Obama. Trump is expected to amend the changes Obama began instating from December 2014, but the full scope of his plans for the island have yet to be seen.

The Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit’s report assumes the worst-case scenario in which the Trump administration rolls back the entire U.S. regulatory regime toward Cuba, including legalized travel for U.S. citizens and residents, licenses for certain exports, expanded remittances, and the end of the so-called “wet foot, dry foot” immigration policy.

Continue reading G. Rodiles, the leader of the Forum for Rights and Freedom, has called for the Trump administration to reset U.S.-Cuba relations.

Rodiles and his partner Ailer González told El Nuevo Herald that they want the Trump administration to “recognize that they are dealing with a dictatorship.”

Rodiles would like President Donald Trump to invite opponents of the Castro regime to become a part of the “policy design” and “political process” toward Cuba, unlike what former President Barack Obama reportedly did when he restored diplomatic ties with the island in December 2014.

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Raul-Castro-300x200Cuban President Raúl Castro first publicly criticized President Donald Trump’s Mexican wall, along with immigration, trade, and other policies, on March 5. This comes as the Trump administration reviews the fragile relations between the U.S. and Cuba that were glued together by former President Barack Obama.

Castro made the critical remarks at a summit of leftist leaders in Venezuela that was broadcast on Cuban state-run television on Sunday evening. He called Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border “irrational,” and described his trade policies as “egotistical.”

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