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Norwegian-Sky-300x225The wave of tourism brought by the 700 Americans who arrived in Havana by sea in May 2016 is showing no signs of abating more than one year later, even with the new restrictions placed on American travelers to the island by President Donald Trump.

Adonia’s historic voyage from Port Miami to Cuba was the first of its kind in almost 40 years. It marked a big step in the normalization process between Cold War enemies that was started by former President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro on December 17, 2014. The embargo imposed by Congress almost 60 years ago is still in place, but the Obama administration relaxed the rules to allow Americans to visit the island if the trip falls under one of 12 categories of travel.

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cubavisit-300x202The number of international tourists to Cuba in 2016 rose by 13.9 percent to a record 4 million. Cuba was second only to the Dominican Republic (5.96 million) in number of visitors.

Cuban tourism officials are expecting another record year in 2017. It may sound like Cuba is competing with other islands—visitors to the entire Caribbean region increased by just 2.4 percent last year—but Caribbean leaders reportedly view Cuba’s success as a way to raise the tourism profile of all the islands in the regions.

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