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US-agricultural-representatives-300x194Agriculture officials in Alabama have lobbied to turn Cuba into a market for the state’s poultry products for years, but President Donald Trump’s recent policy change with the island jeopardizes that opening.

Alabama Agriculture Commissioner John McMillan said exports to Cuba, which receives millions of tons of poultry every month from the state, could be impacted by the president’s restrictive policy change.

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Cuban-Flags-Over-Balcony-300x212With President Donald Trump expected to announce his administration’s revised Cuba Policy in Miami this Friday, those for and against engagement with the island nation are scrambling to let the president—and even his daughter Ivanka—know their position.

The president has received several letters from dissidents, professors concerned that a revised policy could affect educational exchanges, U.S. senators, and various lobby groups and human rights organizations. Some were addressed to Ivanka Trump, including one from a group of over 50 Cuban female entrepreneurs urging her, businesswomen to businesswoman, to make sure the opening created by the previous administration isn’t closed.

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